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Upcoming Events

  1. First Day of Classes Monday, August 25 Campus-wide The first day of classes commences.
  2. Syllabus Week Monday, August 25 - Friday, August 29 Campus-wide The first week of classes, or typically known as Syllabus Week.
  3. Labor Day Monday, September 1 Campus-wide Happy Labor Day! There will be no scheduled classes.
  4. End of Week 2 Deadlines Friday, September 5 Campus-wide Last day for upperclassmen to add courses.
  5. Families Weekend Friday, September 18 - Sunday, September 20 Campus-wide Invite your family to visit Rice and do fun, scheduled events over this weekend!
  6. End of Week 7 Deadlines Friday, October 10 Campus-wide Last day for upperclassmen to drop courses.
  7. Beer Bike Saturday, March 28 Campus-wide CHRISTMAS. SWEEPING. BEER BIKE.

Will Rice Will Sweep!


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  2. Beer Bike 2014 Results

    Congratulations to a fantastic Beer Bike this year, Will Rice. The alumni came in first, the men in first, and the women in second. A big round of applause for all three teams for their hard work! Here's to BEER BIKE 2015 -- WRWS!

Space Reservations

  1. *Key: Orange=PDR, Blue=Commons/Parlor, Green=Kitchen, Yellow=Music Room


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    • Updated a bunch of stuff for the new kids on the block
    • Updating Upcoming Events, Student Leadership, O-Week, and homepage
    • Ramped up the design
    • Other stuff

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    • Created Chug Team Page
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    • Added College Coordinator, Master photos
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