Will Rice College

Upcoming Events

  1. Spring Recess Thursday, April 3-Friday, April 4 Campus-wide No scheduled classes.
  2. Spring College Night Friday, April 11 Will Rice College Theme: WHAT WOULD YEEZUS DO?
  3. Last Day of Classes Friday, April 25 Campus-wide No more classes... meaning it's finals time.
  4. End of Spring Semester Wednesday, May 7 Campus-wide The end of the 2013-2014 school year!
  5. 101st Commencement Saturday, May 17 Campus-wide The Class of 2014 graduates. Congratulations!

Will Rice Will Sweep!

Space Reservations

*Key: Orange=PDR, Blue=Commons/Parlor, Green=Kitchen, Yellow=Music Room


  1. Beer Bike Results

    Congratulations to a fantastic Beer Bike this year, Will Rice! Although official results have yet to come in, The alumni took first, women took second and men took first. A big round of applause to all three teams for their hard work, make sure to congratulate our bikers and chuggers when you see them! Here's to Beer Bike 2015! WRWS!

  2. Room and Parking Jack

    Eligibility jack was on Thursday, March 13 and we said farewell to many juniors who are being forced off campus (*sniff*). Room jacks followed. The remaining jack, parking jack, is on Tuesday, April 1st at 10PM.


  1. Room Jack 2014

    Marshall Wilson 04/06/2014
  2. Miscellaneous Resources

    Marshall Wilson 04/06/2014
  3. Website Content Update

    • Created RA and Doc C page, News tab on homepage
    • Updated Upcoming Events, Student Leadership, O-Week, and homepage
    • Ramped up the design a lil' bit
    • Created Pictures Tab and President's Page
    • Updated SMR, CJ, IM Sports, Student Leadership, DA's, List of Academic Resources
    Jane Giang 02/10/2014

    • Created Chug Team Page
    • Updated amount of times WRC has swept
    • Added College Coordinator, Master photos
    • Updated Student Leadership, Bike Team, Activities Council, Fellows, PAAs
    • Added links to WRC YouTube, FaceBook, Flickr to the bottom of each page

    Marshall Wilson 05/08/2013