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Upcoming Events

  1. Diet Every other Wednesday Master's House Our college government meetings; always full of lively conversation and food.
  2. Spring Break Saturday, February 28 - Saturday, March 8 Campus-wide SB15!
  3. Eligibility Jack Thursday, March 12 Commons This jack determines who gets beds (besides guaranteed people).
  4. Singles, Triple/Suites/Perch, Doubles Jack Tuesday, March 17 - Thursday, March 19 Commons These jacks determine who gets what room.
  5. Willy Week Monday, March 23 - Friday, March 27 Campus-wide A week of activities and balloon-filling preceding...
  6. BEER BIKE Saturday, March 28 Campus-wide Christmas, but better
  7. Spring Associates Night Thursday, April 9 Commons Awards will be given out, theme TBA

Will Rice Will Sweep!


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  2. Housing Updates

    The new VPs are hard at work with Eligibility and Room Jacks coming up after spring break. They've created a new tab containing housing and parking information. It is currently under construction, but will be finished by the end of Spring Break. If you have any questions, please check out this page asap!

  3. Beer Bike 2014 Results

    Congratulations to a fantastic Beer Bike this year, Will Rice. The alumni came in first, the men in first, and the women in second. A big round of applause for all three teams for their hard work! Here's to BEER BIKE 2015 -- WRWS!

Space Reservations

  1. *Key: Orange=PDR, Blue=Commons/Parlor, Green=Kitchen, Yellow=Music Room


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    • Updating upcoming events for Spring

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